6 Blooming Things To Expect In Panagbenga

It’s the month of hearts and Valentine’s Day had just passed but the flowers of Baguio are still in full bloom for their most-awaited Panagbenga Festival! Here are some things to expect when you’re headed to the Summer Capital of the Philippines!


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Grand Album: Elektromundo 1/16/2016

Elektrifying music and beats from the hottest line up, fist pumping & nothing but show of love from the epic crowd. That is Elektromundo 2016 in City Times Square Cebu last night!

Just take a look at these photos taken by Jacob Casile Photography and let us take you back to an awesome night of #GlobeSinulog partying. #TakeMeThere

© https://www.facebook.com/Jacasphotography

© https://www.facebook.com/Jacasphotography

© https://www.facebook.com/Jacasphotography© https://www.facebook.com/Jacasphotography

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Experience Sinulog, Let Globe Take You There!

No tickets to Globe Elektromundo 2016 & Globe Hyper Wonderland Cebu yet? We have awesome news for you! Aside from the privilege of buying tickets in the Partyphile App, we’re having exclusive offers to our Globe subscribers! #TakeMeThere


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Hottest Line up in Elektro Mundo 2016

Start your year with a bang! Get ready as the producers of the country’s biggest dance events give you a party experience to remember during Sinulog week on January 16, 2016 entitled Elektro Mundo!

This annual festival party series marks their first stop for 2016 at the Queen City of the South, Cebu. Yup! They’re ready to give you the best Sinulog experience ever!


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Destination: Sinulog — Elektromundo 2015

Music Festivals must be one of the hottest and must go to events for anyone, either you’ve been into one or dying to go to one. Fret no more, you can hit two birds in one stone! Going to one of the country’s hottest event — Sinulog, comes Elektromundo: Sinulog Music Festival 2014.



Last year was something, this time around  Elektromundo 2015 is upping its game and  will be something else!

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