8 Celebrities You Would Love To Party With

It’s always a great time when you go out with your friends. But don’t you sometimes wonder how it feels like partying with the famous people? We’ve listed down some of the top favorite celebrities we think you’ll have the best night partying with in the clubs. Check out who got in the list!

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Xpect Xtraordinary Xperience at Manila X Festival


Style, music, and fashion collided for ONE solid festival? Believe it or not, we are bringing you there to one of the biggest lit events in the music and fashion scene this year!

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Bottoms Up ‘Til You Drop

Channel your inner trap queen or king as we bring you to UP Travel Society’s Bottoms Up: HIDEOUT event this coming Saturday, April 16 at the B-Side, The Collective, Makati, PH. Give your typical EDM hype a rest for a little while because Bottoms Up: HIDEOUT is here to showcase a one-night party that will be filled with trap music, beer pong games and free flowing drinks (Yep, you read that right. Free. Flowing. Drinks.)


Well, we don’t wanna force you to go but, let us just give you an idea of what you’ll be missing out if you don’t

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Grand Album: OPPO Music Fest 3/18/2016

#OPPOMusicFest was packed with stunning performances from music artists & wonderful crowd of course! Go ahead and grab your photos if you’ve been caught in cam by our photographer, Danilo Factor!



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Grand Album: Dinagyang Invasion 1/23/2016

Here’s a proof that Iloilo was packed with amusing and beautiful people. A night of music and celebration, a perfect finale to Invasion Tour! Go ahead, save your photos & repost them coz you are now #LegitPartyphiles. Don’t miss the fun on the next event parties, download Partyphile now! 🙂

Photos by: Gabriel de Cadiz

IMG_1764 copyIMG_1964 copyIMG_1563 copyIMG_1608 copy

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