Grand Album: Jacko Wacko Storm Surge 7/16/2016

The storm surge was felt and no trace of calamity was left! Who got wet and wild with us? Relive your Jacko Wacko experience through the lens of Danilo Factor


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Dare To Resist Jungle Circuit Party Laboracay

We bet you often go into movie marathons, food adventures, and road trips, don’t you? Yes dude, a bucket of popcorns, some Netflix and chill kind of night, some chips on hand, and loud music while driving across streets. But how about a rave-venture? Shoutout to all #LegitPartyphiles, we dare you to resist this one we got for you!


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Hidden Signs that you are Destined to be in Jungle Circuit Party in Boracay


#LegitPartyphile animals, there is no way out in joining the Jungle Circuit in Boracay! Having second thoughts? We’ll convince you to go with these hidden signs.

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