8 Celebrities You Would Love To Party With

It’s always a great time when you go out with your friends. But don’t you sometimes wonder how it feels like partying with the famous people? We’ve listed down some of the top favorite celebrities we think you’ll have the best night partying with in the clubs. Check out who got in the list!

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Grand Album: Beach Force RECAP 7/9/2016

Everyone had a good time last Saturday at Beach Force despite the unexpected circumstances that occurred. On the other hand, the amazing photos are up! Check out all the crazy ones here! See you next time, beach freaks!

Photos by Calvin Bulacan


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9 Yummy Artists You Cannot Miss At Playtime

June is known to be the Pride Month for the LGBT community and everyone is welcome to celebrate with color as 1Tribe Philippines and Jungle Circuit Party brings you Playtime, the official LGBT Pride Party of the Philippines!

And we’ve just compiled the hottest list of artists for this event that you should definitely take the time to check out. 🙂


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Do  you ever feel so friggin’ alone even though you got a lot of friends around you because you are the only one who fuckin’ goes out and goes home in the morning? Oh yes, you are not alone in this world! We feel you, though, uhmmm, yeah we feel you.


1. Every time you ask permission from your parents to go to a party, club or music festival, they interrogate you on who among your friends are going with you and you can’t namedrop any name at all.  And when you say that you are going alone they don’t believe you, they will impulsively think that you’re just going to your boyfriend’s house or you are meeting someone or worst before you even say anything they would say NO. Like it’s your fault that your friends are partyphobic, right? LOL

giphy (2)

2.You are the only one who has panic attacks every time some famous DJ they don’t know comes to the Phillipines!

Partyphile friend: *passes out* *wakes up* *scream* OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!
Friend one: Who is that?
Friend two: Who’s coming? Ingrown? Ewww!
Yeah, yeah, walk out or unfriend them. ASAP!

giphy (3)

3.Shuffling is like some kind of abnormality for them. Like every time you do it, they are so disgusted and amazed at the same time like it’s some crazy ass nonsense dance. Duh? It’s the “in” thing and there are a lot of people who sure can shuffle too.


4. While your friends are crazy about sharing their whole life on social media, you are currently joining three to five contests online to win free tickets or passes. Now that’s being productive!


5. Lastly but definitely not the least, while your friends are a part of long queue outside of some fancy clubs, you are already inside, drinking and living the life because you got that lit App, the key to an express entrance on night life spots, that Partyphile App.

giphy (4)

So what are you waiting for? Be a good influence to your friends and encourage them to download the Partyphile App. HAVE THE BEST NIGHT EVER with your squad! 🙂






The Recipe to a LIT Jacko Wacko Experience


3 cups Fireworks
5 tbsp Neon Lights
1 Gallon Loud Music
1 Awesome stage set up
12 Amazing Performers
1 Drum of Water
1000000 Pinch of Foam
and garnish with a m*therf*ckin  stunning CROWD!

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Xpect Xtraordinary Xperience at Manila X Festival


Style, music, and fashion collided for ONE solid festival? Believe it or not, we are bringing you there to one of the biggest lit events in the music and fashion scene this year!

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